Our Products

  • Biodegradable Master Batch :
    Polymer resins are biodegradable resins that must be blended with other polyolefin resins to make finished products. Degradation rate is based on the ratio of starch base resin. Suitable for making shopping bags, garbage bags or films.
  • Biodegradable Resin :
    Rresins are biodegradable. They are starch based polymers with conventional plastic composition in them. They can be used stand-alone or blended with other conventional plastic materials to make finished products. The degradation rates in 100 days are more than 46%. The application fields are very wide. They can be used to make film blowing, injection, foam and thermoforming products, such as biodegradable bags, cups, cutlery, toys, foam cloth, shoes soles and
                                                               so on.
  • Compostable Resin :
    100% biodegradable and compostable. There is no conventional plastic composition in it. The degradation rate in 180 days is more than 90%. It will fully decompose by bacteria or fungi after disposal. Such material should be used alone and cannot be mixed with other materials to make finished products. It is suitable for making shopping bags, garbage bags, packaging film, compostable mulching film, etc.

Oxo-Biodegradable plastic is stable when it is in manufacture's place and warehouse, because most of the time it packed in box. But it may start degrading when exposed to Sun light only. It also degrades very slowly when it goes to landfill, because it has been placed underground.

SELAN Multi-Degradable additives has lot of superiority and outstanding versatility, already been applied in various products successfully. The finished product made by SELAN is low cost and easy to store in both manufacturer and retailer's store.SELAN Multi-Components reinforcement with its stabilized properties becomes the right additives. In short, SELAN Multi-Degradable additives can be mixed well together with PE and PP, suitable for different application; i.e. mulch film, carry bags/garbage bags and as additive for plastic consumer non durable products meant for use & throw .SELAN Multi-Degradable additives, developed by a high-tech talents at SELAN BIOSCIENCE., is a new type of biodegradable additives by the synthesis of various combinations of elements that causes complete degradation in a process reminiscent of chain reactions.

--> Small-scale trial production and testing was carried out in 2002 and the results were encouraging. Further development in technology is also in process, while commercial production is gearing up for the worldwide market.

--> The key ingredients consist of materials with high safety factors such as organic auxiliaries, cross linking agents, inorganic supplements, degradation accelerators and polyolefin carriers. SELAN has included bio-degradation, hydro-degradation, photo-degradation, Oxo-degradation principals.

--> Formulate and process all above-mentioned ingredients on specialized high performance production line by blending in high temperature, under high pressure and at high speed, kneading, shearing, plasticizing, and combining chemically, a compound with strong dispersing and fusing capability is formed, which we named SELAN Multi-Degradable additive.

Processing: Equipment for processing conventional plastics can be used without any modification.

Storage: Store under room temperature, dry condition and not under direct sun light.

Transportation: No special requirement. Cover to avoid sunlight and rain.

Pros and Cons for Different Degradable Technologies .

Technologies                                 Pros and Cons

A. Starch Based Plastics                 1.Against by Plastic Industry

                                                     2.Cannot be recycled

                                                     3.Special machinery set up is required

                                                     4.Limited applications

                                                     5.Will create methane when land filled

B. Photo Degradable                     1.Degrade only when exposed to light, Not in land fil.

                                                     2.Lots of problem in the market, which is not practical.

C. Bio + Photo Degradable            1.Better than A&B but still the cost is quite high

D. SELAN Multi-Degradable            1.The cost is economical than the average price of other Additives.

                                                     2.Outstanding Versatility. Already been successfully applied in various                                                       products.

                                                     3.Scrap materials can be recycled

                                                     4.No special adjustment in present machine